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As a teenager I was in love with movie making and I am still doing it today. All the movies on this page are filmed in Super-8 and were hand edited with scissors etc. Digital Video only caught up with the creative possibilities of film in the mid 90's. Between the age of 13 and 17 I created about 50 short films. In many of these I would just try out different special effect techniques, but I also covered family vacations, all kind of events and created or accepted a few projects at my high school. One of the school projects "Die Oase der Verschwiegenheit", which was an 30 minute feature about the pollution of a local river, won a 2nd prize at "Jugend Forscht".

A great inspiration to pursue this alley was the release of the first Star Wars feature in 1977. Other film makers that influenced me were Alfred Hitchcock, Albert Whitlock (visual effects), Robert Wise, Billy Wilder and many more.

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S-F Trailer 1977-82

This is my first attempt to cell animation. This little trailer was only used in a few of my movies since it was not easy to replicate Super-8 film.

We Kill the World - 1979

This is the my first movie that was shown in public, which was actually at the Sunday service of a church.

Scenes from Projekt RH - 1980

Special thanks to Dirk Kulessa, who created a great part of the sets and made all the things move. He also lend his voice of all male lego heroes and villains.

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