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My passion is to be creative. My first major software application was called Creator, it allowed to create pixel animation movies in 2D (similar to what Flash does nowadays).

3D modeling and texture painting are among the many skills I acquired over the years. Nothing is more fascinating than to create a new world out of nothing but imagination. For a few years I ran a successful business in a virtual world named Second Life.

My tools of choice are Cinema4D for modeling and Photoshop for texture painting. I used many others.

As an explorer and early adaptor of technologies (they call me gadget queen for a reason) I am also having fun with the Oculus Rift Developer Kit. Consumer level virtual reality (VR) is just around the corner. If you never tried a VR headset with hand tracking abilities – it is a truly mind-boggling experience. While you do need to wear a lot of gear it feels very much like the first incarnation of the Holodeck has arrived. In just a few short years we will be able to experience worlds like the one from Avatar in their full glory. We will be able to visit a virtual museum that can also provide a 4th dimension in the form of a time slider. Just imagine visiting ancient ruins and traveling back in time to see them as they were thousand of years ago. Even in the existing virtual worlds you can already fly and teleport. Artist will have endless opportunities to create fascinating content. While perhaps not for everybody I am very much looking forward to that.