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About Stefanie

Stefanie was born and raised in Germany. She has always felt a strong urge to create. In her teens she created dozens of Super-8 movies including church projects, movies about the environment and many stop motion animations. Almost no genre was left untouched.

When Stefanie’s school was one of the first to offer access to Apple II personal computers, she quickly discovered the creative potential that “bits and bytes” offered and fell in love with it. After high school she decided to study computer science, despite her strong desire to go to film school. Due to the popular demand of her first major software application “Creator” she was pulled away from her university education. On her first trip to the US she had a chance to attend an early NeXT developer camp. NeXT’s technologies especially the software was clearly ahead of its time. Only a few years later Stefanie was working for NeXT Computer as developer trainer in Europe providing most of the German language developer courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. From there it was only a small step for her to decide to take a software developer position at the NeXT headquarters in Redwood City:

NeXT Computer

After Apple acquired NeXT, Stefanie was responsible for the first port of the NeXTstep FileViewer (adding HFS+ integration). The last project that Stefanie was responsible for at Apple were the MacOSX AddressBook frameworks and Contacts application.

After many years in corporate america Stefanie began to feel that was not appreciated for her creativity. Thus Stefanie Herzer Photography was born.

Stefanie also loves to travel and naturally takes lot’s of photographs along the way. Every year she makes it out to the desert where she attends the Burning Man Festival, the perfect place for being in the moment. Check out the BM galleries to get a feeling for the event.

You can also discover the results from her hobby as 3D modeler and texture artist on this site.


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